Bandtrace is retiring – Sad But True

Bandtrace is was a music encyclopedia that contains contained everything you ever wanted to know about artists, what they released, what tracks they have written, recorded or produced, who they’ve been involved with, the latest news, etc.

Unfortunately, the founders of Bandtrace no longer has the time to maintain the website so therefore the site is retiringūüė¶

A huge thanks to all our visitors!

P.S: we are planning to re-release Bandtrace as an app for iOS and Android…

Wow – Nathalie@Bandtrace was just voted The Most Interesting Developer in the World!

In the beginning of 2014 Jelastic started the hunt for The Most Interesting Developer in the World.

The Developer. Programmer. Engineer. Somewhat misunderstood, often stereotyped and depicted in popular media as nothing more than an introverted, awkward genius with limited social skills and an obsession with Sci-Fi and video games. But is there more than meets the eye? At Jelastic we take a different view. We believe in the charismatic developer, the fun developer, the Don Juan developer, the developer with a song in his or her heart and an unfinished screenplay on their laptop. We searched for and found THE MOST INTERESTING DEVELOPER IN THE WORLD. Inspired in no small part by a series of ads for a (very tasty) beer, Jelastic produced a series of videos and launched the competition to find developers that defy (or proudly reinforce) this stereotype in the most interesting, original or funny way.

Well, apparently they found her here at Bandtrace! Nathalie who is the front end lead here at Bandtrace crushed the competition according to The Jelastic Team.

Nathalie is a Swedish web developer and music lover who’s got a healthy obsession for finding out trivia on a daily basis (don’t you agree that nothing is too dull to Google?). She loves the fact that she, as a developer, holds the power to turn an idea into reality and therefore considers it to be her duty to make this happen. Luckily, the art of developing also happens to be one of the best things she knows. One of Nathalie’s strengths lies in her broad knowledge of UX, frontend and backend development, and system architecture. This combined with her creative mind and her way of coming up with new ideas makes her cut out for system development.

Find out more about Nathalie on the Jelastic blog.

The Year of the Booty

Another year is coming to an end and¬†it’s time to wrap up all those “Best of” lists once again. Obviously the most interesting top list this year isn’t about music, movies¬†or performances.¬†While Pharrell Williams made people wear¬†ridiculously large hats¬†and the rest of the world poured¬†ice water over themselves, another trend was being formed¬†right in front of our¬†eyes. A trend as provocative as it’s up front (back?). This year is all about that bass.

Here you’ll find the most bootylicious moments of 2014 along with¬†the opportunity for you to select¬†the Booty Queen of the¬†Year.

And don’t forget – your vote matters!¬†


Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez РBooty


Nicki Minaj РAnaconda


Meghan Trainor¬†–¬†All About That Bass


Kim Kardashian РCover of Paper Magazine




Beyonce Р7/11


Corgi – Twerking



Mockingjay – Part 1

When I first saw the trailer for the The Hunger Games movie back in 2012 I was not convinced. I’ve never been a fan of anything remotely close to Sci-Fi (I still don’t know the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars) and a couple of bow carrying kids and a weird clown lady wasn’t going to change that.¬†More than a year later, one very boring Sunday afternoon, I found the¬†Hunger Games DVD shoved away together with a bunch of old magazines. My friend (with questionable taste and immunity to the phrase “no thanks”) had forced me to borrow it some months earlier¬†and here I was, bored to death and with the rest of the day free. Said and done, I watched the movie. I.¬†Loved. It.

The story was great (I know, it’s a novel), the effects were terrific, the feeling was…there. And Jennifer Lawrence – wow, she is one damn amazing¬†actress. Fortunately I’d Hunger striked so long that the sequel was just weeks away. On the premiere night of¬†Catching Fire I went (not dressed out), I saw and I conquered all my remaining doubts about Katniss and Peeta. I was a true Hunger Games fan.

With a couple of weeks¬†left¬†before the Mockingjay – Part 1 premier I thought we could take a look at¬†the upcoming original motion picture soundtrack. In July it was revealed that Lorde was going to contribute with a single for¬†the album and throughout this fall it’s been clear that the New Zealand singer¬†will have her name written all over this soundtrack.¬†In addition to the lead single, Yellow Flicker Beat, which she¬†released in September Lorde¬†also provides vocals to the second single – This Is Not A Game by The Chemical Brothers. ¬†Earlier this week when the tracklist was announced one could count to five Lorde-including¬†tracks and reportedly also she’s behind recruitments such as Grace Jones, Charli XCX and Stromae¬†– all artists with contributions on the soundtrack.

Here’s the full tracklist.

1. “Meltdown” ¬† ¬† Stromae¬†featuring Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip¬†& Haim 4:01
2. “Dead Air” ¬† ¬† CHVRCHES 3:14
3. “Scream My Name” ¬† ¬† Tove Lo 3:34
4. “Kingdom” ¬† ¬† Charli XCX¬†featuring Simon Le Bon 4:04
5. “TBA” ¬† ¬† TBA ¬†
6. “Lost Souls” ¬† ¬† Raury 2:53
7. Yellow Flicker Beat” ¬† Ella Yelich-O’Connor,¬†Joel Little Lorde 3:54
8. “The Leap” ¬† ¬† Tinashe 4:06
9. “Plan the Escape” ¬† Ryan Lott Bat for Lashes 2:30
10. “Original Beast” ¬† ¬† Grace Jones 4:21
11. “Flicker (Kanye West¬†Rework)” ¬† Yelich-O’Connor, Little,¬†Kanye West Lorde 4:12
12. “Animal” ¬† ¬† XOV 3:18
13. “This Is Not a Game” ¬† Yelich-O‚ÄôConnor, Tom Rowlands, Miguel Pimentel The Chemical Brothers¬†featuring Miguel and¬†Lorde (uncredited) 3:14
14. “Ladder song” ¬† Conor Oberst Lorde 3:14



Bellini Music

I recently visited the most beautiful island in the world. A blossoming, magical place filled with love and happiness. Nowhere else are the colors so bright and the flavors so sharp. Nowhere in the world but here does the tunes sound so clean and the instruments so tuned. As soon as you put your foot on the island all your troubles are washed away leaving you feeling indestructible and at the top of the world.

Of course,¬†I’m talking about Manhattan. I love¬†Manhattan. I love the shopping, I love the restaurants, I love the bars, I love the streets, I love the weekend mornings, the weekend nights, I love Monday to Friday (specially Friday), I love the subway, I love the fact that you can get whaterver you want whenever you want. I love Manhattan.

On this recent trip I spent many late afternoons and nights at different hotel bars. I don’t know if I’ve grown up or if I’m just one of those people nowadays, but I almost only go to hotel bars when I go out. They often have the perfect amount of lounge feeling, a pretty high standard and supply of¬†wine and are almost never too crowdy. Another great quality is their music selection. Some may think that I’m referring to¬†elevator music (or Muzak), but I call this music¬†Bellini Music. You know, the kind of music that goes perfectly¬†together¬†with a Bellini in your hand and¬†your “right-now-everything-feels-perfect” feeling.¬†When I’m in that perfect mood, sitting in a cozy bar (preferably next to¬†a pool table and an open fire) and I want something to drink, I always go for a Bellini. It just fits.

Here, I’m going to list some of my favorite Bellini Music right now. Enjoy.


Seinabo Sey –¬†Younger

Jamie WoonShoulda

Trentem√łller –¬†Nightwalker

Something old, something new… the struggle behind the perfect playlist

In the summer of 2013 I attended the, to this day, best wedding I’ve ever been to. The¬†ceremony, the dress, the I do’s, the speeches, the tears and the joy. It was all perfect. Love was in the air and the wedding couple exchanged vows to the soft tunes of Bob Dylan’s¬†Tomorrow is a Long Time. After dinner, wedding dances and the traditional karaoke, the party was getting started. As at many weddings¬†the party¬†had to please a wide range of ages, tastes and moods – an impossible challenge one may say. But where many others have failed before, this particular bride and groom happened to pull off a fiesta¬†worth writing this blog post about. Their secret? The music.

No amount of alcohol or love-filled-air can make the guests stay up till dawn¬†dancing if the music isn’t well coordinated and to the very last detail selected.

Fortunately¬†the wedding I’m referring to happens to my own wedding¬†and that¬†makes YOU¬†one lucky reader. I’m going to give you a selection of our lets-get-this-party-starting-YOLO-playlist which was the icing of our¬†wedding cake. Music satisfying all our guests, even making the sit-in-the-corner-drinking-alone-kind-of-people jump up twerking like there was no tomorrow.

You’re welcome.

  1. Justin TimberlakeSexyback
  2. Aloe BlaccI Need a Dollar
  3. JourneyDon’t Stop Believin’
  4. Icona Pop РI Love It
  5. Starship РWe Built This City
  6. Duck SauceBarbra Streisand
  7. Bad Religion21st Century (Digital Boy)
  8. LMFAO РSexy and I Know It
  9. Europe РThe Final Countdown
  10. Michael JacksonBillie Jean
  11. Beyonc√© –¬†Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
  12. Van Morrison¬†–¬†Brown Eyed Girl
  13. Bon Jovi¬†– Livin’ On a Prayer
  14. Avicii РWake Me Up